Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

It's a Badman Ting 2012

Nach unserem letzten Mix "It's a Summer Ting" wird es nun Zeit, wieder in den etwas älteren Ordnern zu wühlen, um euch "It's a Badman Ting" zu präsentieren!

Gemixt wurden ausgesuchte "Evergreens", allerdings mit Fokus auf harte Beats, wenig Gesang und viel "Badman-Attitude" .... Demnach ist der Mix für alle, die diese Beats und Lyrics in 2011 evtl ein bisschen vermisst haben, für alle die gerne in Erinnerungen schwelgen wollen oder für alle, die wissen wollen wie sich Dancehall vor ca 5-7 Jahren angehört hat...

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Montag, 19. September 2011

It´s a Summer Ting

Yes People.. der Sommer ist zwar fast vorbei aber diesmal gibts kein Einheitsbrei ..
New Convict Sound Mix for all Summer and Sunshine Lovers...
enjoy it :-)

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Samstag, 17. September 2011


Yes People.. 6 years Convict Sound!
This means 6 years Party, 6 years fun, 6 years big tunes!
6 years we play for the Heads, the Ladys and the Rudeboys but also for all Party People!
This Mixtape is for all the Party peoples....enjoy the musical ride ;-)

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Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011

Coffe in my Cup

Early in the Moring and we want a full cup of.... Yes Sir.. COFFEE!!

Big Bad New Convict Mix with crazy Skits and brand new Dancehall Tunes...
Dont forget to check the funny Intro ;-)

So get ready for 45 Minutes of crazy Juggling and Big Tunes and Enjoy the MIx!

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Freitag, 27. August 2010

It's It's It's Seeerani!

Di whole World love him!

There is a big Hype in America and all other Countrys about him since his big hit "No Games", but he has alot of other Big Tunes..

This new 10 Minutes Mix is for all sexy Ladys and Rudeboy who like this Artist, like we do from long time!...

So get ready for the sweet Daseca Voice and Enjoy the MIx!

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Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2010

Old Days vs. New Style (2010)

Yooow .. you know when it comes to Music there are some people who love

to bring back di good old Days and some who want the New Shit as fast as they can get it!

We thought about this and decided to give both of them what they want!

Here is the brand new Double Mixtape Old Days & New Style
included 2 different Dancehall Mixes with Classical Big Tunes and Artists like Supercat, Cutty Ranks and di new Era on the other Side with Kartel, Movado, Busy and all di other modern jamaican Stars

Enjoy iT!

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Samstag, 26. Juni 2010

Mad Year 2009 Vol. 1

Maad Year 2009 Mixtape Bullet Bullet!

what a nice last year fi Dancehall Music!

So many fresh Tunes and a lot of very good Riddims!

Convict Sound put everything nice together and we are
proud to present you the Mad Year 2009 Tape..

Check this out and have a lot of Fun with your Memories..

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